For the single braid 12 strand line a lot of rope manufacturers recommend a “bury eye splice”and in general a well made splice, according to manufacturers data will develop up to 100% rope strength. However, more realistic is the expectation to have a reduction of strength by up to 20%. The bury eye splice must be really well lock stitched with a strong twine in order to retain its locking ability at low loads. Imagine a shroud on the leeward side of the boat that is completely loose, shaken by the wind and the motion.The splice will loosen if not locked well – it has happened!
And that the reason why we recommend a Brummel splice for the load locking of the splice at low loads. However, the working load of the splice is supposed to be a bit less than that of the bury splice (it is not the same for every type of lines). The best way to go for a shrouds (in my opinion) is to use a Brummel(for low load security) and oversize the line (we use two time the breaking strength of the metallic wire). You should use a longer than conventional splice tail on those slippery ropes.
The bury or tails recommended on these rope to be at least 48 times the diameter of the rope.

For more info follow the links:
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12 strand bury splice (from New England)
12 strand Brummel bury splice (from New England)
12 strand Mobius Brummel bury splice (from Dynex)
Another good source of information on splices and rigging is the Brion Toss web site and is wonderful book on rigging
The Complete Rigger’s Apprentice.
It is recommended to lock stitch (for low load) and whip the splice (when needed). You also must pre-stretch and test the line before using it.

Rope protection
There is 3 ways to protect the line against chafe and UV.
First: You could add a polyester cover from another rope (strip a cheap line).
The second way is the way used by the pro on the single handed 60 Use a Black PVC shrink wrap tubing. (Nice looking but more rigid)
The third solution and maybe the best. You could use a urethane coated line and like Yale MaxiJacket. It is the same like Samthane (used by Samson for coating). Here is some info on this product Urethane coating from Yale. The main advantage is that you could add repair it easily by adding and recoating when needed.

More Advice: You could take a look at articles on the multihull boatbuilder web site.
Synthetic shroud article in Multi Hull Boat Builder
Layline on new rope on the market

– Precourt System fittings replace the welded thimbles and shackles that are too weak for the application.

– One of the main advantage of synthetic rigging is flexibility in rigging repair and modifications.

– Issues to watch when choosing rope sizes: strength reduction caused by the splice, chafe, UV degradation and fatigue of the material(on certain rope materials).do not go too thin

– Learn to splice and buy a cheaper rope in order to change it more often.

Please note that this page is for information only. Please consult the manufacturer for more information. Precourt Systems do not endorse, approve, certify or make warranties or representations as to the accuracy of the information on these manufacturer web site, if you choose to make your splice. Test them and practice.
Also please add always a safety margin (slightly bigger rope)

Soon to come, more picture of the brummel splice.