Destructive Testing

We performed extensive experimental investigations for all parts in a test-setup resembling as close as possible to their real application on the boat. At first, we didn’t believe that the part could sustain more than 44 kN in traction. Therefore, we used a 1/4″ steel cables with 3 cable clips.

The part didn’t show any deformation and the clips slipped. Subsequently another clip was added and the assembly was re-tested. This time the cable broke at a value over the fist one (see the graph). At the 3rd attempt, we took 3/8 inch steel cables with 2 cable clips. Again, the clips slipped. Thus we increased the number of clamps again. Finally, the bottom part of the dead eye sheared in the clevis pin hole (see the picture). The resulting test load was recorded to be more than 62.3 kN for this part.

all parts optimized by analysis and validated by testing